Travels in the American Southwest
Toquima Cave
GPS N39 10' 58.4" W116 47' 28.4"
Sixteen miles southeast of junction of SR376 & US50
Road factor/Accessability - pitted graded dirt/gravel
~316 miles from Las Vegas

Colorful pictographs in red, white and black adorn the walls of the cave. Like petroglyphs, pictographs are often found near waterholes and animal trails. It is believed that pictographs (like petroglyphs) were of a religious nature, being an appeal for a successful hunt and as such were not meant to convey messages as does writing. Pictographs are painted on the rock, while petroglyphs are scratched or pecked into the rock surface using another rock.


The cave is located on the same dirt road as is Spencer's Hot Springs some 11 miles beyond the springs. Being BLM managed land, the Toquima campground is popular with hunters and off-road enthusiasts. When I visited a week before Labor Day. many campsites among the pine tree filled campground were filled. ATVs and rifles were much in evidence.

The pictographs are protected by a large chain link fence preventing close up inspection however pictures are easily obtained. While the pictographs are certainly of historical interest, the casual visitor might prefer to avoid the long drive on a dirt and gravel road and instead view the pictographs at Burnt Cave. This site is near Fallon, NV one mile past  Grimes Point, just past Hidden Cave.

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