Travels in the American Southwest
Silver Peak
US95 - 38 3/4 miles west of Goldfield
Road factor/Accessability - Graded dirt (better access via SR265 from US6)
~227 3/4 miles from Las Vegas

While I didn't visit Silver Peak, I had to include it in this listing. You ask, if I didn't go there, how do I know it's mileage so precisely? The simple answer; History.
To encourage higher education in Nevada, the state government would contribute funding for the creation of new high schools. The catch was that the new high school had to be located at least 40 miles from the nearest existing high school. A survey was conducted and it was discovered that Silver Peak was 38 3/4 miles from Goldfield which already had a high school. The state would provide...But only if the school was placed 1 1/4 miles outside of the town to conform with the 40 mile rule. The state, I'm sure, was confident that the good citizens of Silver Peak would never accept such an inconvenient location for the school, forcing the citizens to pay for the school out of their own pockets. Well, the thrifty folks of Silver Peak decided that if that's where the school must be, then by golly that's where the school will have to be. The state, surprised by the response, met its obligation by hauling a one room school house (obtained from an abandoned mining camp) to a site 1 1/4 miles outside Silver Peak. A short while later, the wily residents then moved the building back 1 1/4 miles into town, in essence thumbing their collective nose at the state. The state was not amused. Under pressure, the local government fined those who unlawfully moved the building. The town fathers used the fine to throw a Halloween bash for the residents of Silver Peak. This was met with everyone's approval and a good time was had by all, with the exception of the state legislators...who weren't invited anyway!

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