Travels in the American Southwest
Rock Creek (Cold Springs Station)
GPS N39 19.780 W118 30.694
US50, in Edward's Creek Valley
Road factor/Accessability - Two lane paved
~374 miles from Las Vegas

Located on the Central (or Simpson) pioneer route running from Utah to Genoa, Nevada. Lt. Simpson was a surveyor for the Army who mapped this route between Salt Lake City and Genoa, NV which was eventually used by the pony express, telegraph and stagecoach lines. Rock Creek became a stop on this route providing a station for two of stagecoach lines (John Butterfield's and Wells Fago & Co.), pony express (see below) and many of the pioneers heading west. A true oasis in the desert, Rock Creek supplied fresh horses, wagon repair and blacksmith as needed. The Pioneer Transcontinental Telegraph ran just north of the station. Rock Creek died a lingering death starting in 1861 when the Pony Express ceased operations. In 1869, the telegraph line was replaced with one located by the Humboldt River dooming Rock Creek when the stagecoach lines folded, replaced with the coming of the transcontinental railroad.

Rock Creek

Across US50 is access to the Cold Springs Pony Express Site. A two mile walking trail leads to the site.

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