Travels in the American Southwest
GPS - N38 07' 50.0" W117 27' 28.6"
3 miles south of US95/6, 12 miles west of Tonopah
Road factor/Accessability - one lane dirt/gravel
~221 miles from Las Vegas

Not all ghost towns started as mining towns. Millers is a good example of a community born to serve mining towns and condemned to die when the mines petered out. A watering stop on the Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad in 1904, it's named for its benefactor Charles Miller a former Delaware governor and a director of the railroad. Millers quickly grew when a 100 stamp mill was built in 1906. 274 folks called Millers home in 1910. Like other towns before it, Millers saw its small but prosperous business district including Post Office branch wither after 1911 when the mill and railroad shops were moved away. Millers finally died in 1947 when the railroad, the reason for Millers' birth, went out of business.

The ground at Millers is littered with broken glass and chunks of metal from tools, old steel cans and unidentifiable vehicles. A couple of miner's homes remain; Dug snugly into the ground

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