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These are links to sites that carry information about Las Vegas and the surrounding area. These links go to sites run by others. Some may be risque or a tad bawdy! If a site offends you, just click on your "back icon" and choose another.

If you know of, or have a site that you think I have missed please drop me a line.

Matt & Stinky's Guide to Las Vegas on the Cheap-No one does Las Vegas quite the way that they do! A great site for getting the most out of your money, finding the deals, or just for a good laugh. It is a must read for those on a budget!

Glenn's Las Vegas Page-Great guide to all Las Vegas has to offer. Links to hotels, food, casinos, etc.

The American Southwest-beautifully laid out and filled with information. Includes information on Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California National Parks.

Cal-Nev Ghost Towns Directory & Guide-It's been said that for every town and city in Nevada today, there are ten which have been given up to Mother Nature and become ghost towns. This link listing 600 sites allows you to take a virtual tour or plan your trip.

Native American Lore Index-From the Jicarilla Apache tale of the Origin of Fire to the Cherokee tale of the First Fire, Native American lore is rich in symbolism. This collection includes The Story of Creation according to the Diguenos and the Tale of the Great Flood by the Salish.

Eastern California Mountain and Desert Web Resources-Provides links to great destinations in this area. The site includes museums, Mitchell Caverns, the Mojave Desert and much more.

Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide-Providing hundreds of links to attractions, hotels, gaming, and restaurants. You name it, you'll probably find it here!

Attractions Around Las Vegas-Featuring comments and ratings of many places in and around Las Vegas by visitors. If you want to know what other visitors thought of the attraction, this site tells you. (Part of Las Vegas Online)

Las Vegas Attractions and Activities-A listing of over 100 things to do in and around Las Vegas. Info only...No links to the attractions.

Las Vegas for Visitors from and information to just about everything concerning Las Vegas and environs. Brought to you by Steve Biswanger, your guide at

GORP-Great Outdoors and Recreation Pages-National Parks listing.

Las Vegas Movie List-One of the most complete listings of movies filmed in and around Las Vegas.

The Great Daring Stupendous Unbelieveable Dinesh Death Valley Trek-Not to be recommended, nor even done by the sane, partially sane, or even in the insane. To quote the guys at Car Talk (at who's site this page is located) "Dinesh, you're a great guy...and a raving moron!"

Out West Newspaper Online-Online edition of a quarterly newsletter written by Chuck Woodbury. It contains a plethora of tales, journal entries, and essays of his road travels through the American Southwest.

Ghost Towns of the West-A listing of ghost towns in many states. It has lots of information on ghost town news and even a mailing list.

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