Travels in the American Southwest
N37 27' 19.9" W117 29' 58.6"
SR266, 7 miles west of US95
Road factor/Accessability - Two lane paved
~189 miles from Las Vegas

Lida was a double boom and bust town. The first was in 1872 when it became a district after a decade of sporadic mining yielded worthwhile ore; Then the economic slump of the 1880's closed the mines. Lida's rebirth was due to the nearby Goldfield strike and others. In 1905, Lida had the needed saloons, general stores, newspaper and Post Office branch. The second decline began around 1907; By 1918, the Post Office branch closed. Lida is home to a few residents today. Magnificent cottonwood trees surround ruins south of SR266.


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