Travels in the American Southwest
Lake Lahontan & Wonder Stones
US50 at Grimes Point
Road factor/Accessability - Rough dirt
378 miles from Las Vegas

Over 12,000 years ago, Nevada and surrounding areas of neighboring states were covered by a massive body of water. This inland lake shares its name with the Lahontan Mountains to the east. Of ancient Lake Lahontan, today only few lakes survive; Pyramid and Walker Lakes being examples in Nevada and Mono Lake in California. One of the lakes which has disappeared in the last fifty years is Honey Lake, now as dry as the surrounding desert.

From Hidden Cave north of  Grimes Point, evidence of the ancient lake can be seen. Shorelines of the lake, as it dried and receded, can be seen here as long horizontal steps on the slopes of the Lahontan Mountains. Further north, pebbles called Wonder Stones can be found. These naturally polished stones owe their appearance to the mineral hot water that existed here eons ago.

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