Travels in the American Southwest
Hickison Summit (aka Hickerson Summit in the 1930's)
GPS N39 26.927 W116 45.058
US50, 24 miles east of Austin
Road factor/Accessability - Easily passable dirt/gravel
304 miles from Las Vegas

Hickison Like Grimes Point, petroglyphs are found here by a nearby narrow pass between two buttes which was probably used to hunt migrating herds of deer. This bolsters the theory that 'glyphs were used to assure a successful hunt. 'Glyphs were not used as a means of communication with others, but used to beseech the gods for a successful hunt.

Hickison-Darrell Miller Even decades ago, vandals and associated idiots would mar this area with their graffiti. If by chance Darrell Miller who did this in 1958 is alive and reads this - Do take the "associated idiot" comment personally. Darrell's handiwork is in the upper right hand corner of the picture on the left. Click on the photos for a closer look.

The site has a 6/10 mile interpretive trail identifying the different petroglyphs. Many have eroded and are difficult to see. The nearby camping area provides sites offering  a covered picnic table, barbeque grill, space for car and tent and communal pit toilets and fire ring. No water is available. This is considered a primitive campground in Nevada!

Before being regraded in the 1930's Hickison Summit was known as Hickerson and informally known as "Ford's Defeat". A nearby resident would use his team of horses to pull Ford's Model-T automobiles up the steep grade when they couldn't make it up the hill. He earned himself a few dollars and earned a most descriptive name for the pass.

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