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~XXX miles from Las Vegas

I see youLike many boom & bust towns, Groom lived fast and died quicker. Its sole distinction is that Groom abuts a super-secret military base that isn't there. Rumors that aliens now inhabit the ghost town of Groom are just rumors...probably. I can't confirm or deny the rumors. Seeing a tan colored SUV parked on an nearby access road within Nellis Air Force base (Area 51) boundaries and being aware that the boundary is not well marked, I decided to forgo my search for the ghost town of Groom. Why should I risk a $600 fine and $125 charge for vehicle towing if I should inadvertently cross the boundary line?  And having a zoom lens in my camera bag would be sure to prompt some harsh questions!

* Groom ghost town's location isn't really classified but it's within a few hundred yards of super-secret Area 51. The road to Area 51 and Groom is a well maintained dirt and gravel road which is used extensively by big busses with blacked-out windows which blew by me at a pretty good clip.

Road to Groom

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