Travels in the American Southwest
SR884, 2 miles south of Berlin
Road factor/Accessability - Graded dirt
~308 miles from Las Vegas

Start and stop describes Grantsville's history beginning in the early 1860s but deserted by 1867. The first rebirth occurred in 1877 but by 1885, it was headed towards ghosttown status again, supporting  smaller and smaller number of prospectors. Some mining was seen in the early 1920's followed a period of abandonment. Some production was attempted between 1939 and '41 and in the later 40's. The town has been truly a ghosttown since then. Although Grantsville is very close to  Berlin,  I couldn't find the site despite traveling back and forth on dirt roads. Next time I'll ask for directions! Others, like Steve at  have been more successful - for his collection of  history and pictures.

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