Travels in the American Southwest

Day 4 1997-The New Arrival

The dice remembered me on Thursday! I kept ignoring the little voice that repeated, "Get Out Now! Get Out Now!" I should listen to these little voices, but chose to ignore them. Big mistake! Oh well, breakfast and a call to the answering machine at home only to find out that I'm an uncle again.

Congratulated Bro and told him I'd see his son as soon as I could. It was to be sooner than I thought! The hospital has a web page where it posts (among other things) the New Born Page. A quick trip to CyberCity Cafe and I had a b & w picture of my new nephew. The folks at CyberCity Cafe were knowledgeable and friendly. After providing them ID and $10 for one hour of time (billed in 15 minute segments) I was sitting at a PC. Not being a coffee drinker, I didn't partake, however the selection they offer would rival some coffee shops I've seen.

A great meal at Magnolia Cafe in the 4 Queens rounded out Thursday and I hit the rack early because on Days 5, 6, & 7, "I'm goin' to Death Valley"

And so ends Day 4.

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