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Upper and Lower Pahranagat Lakes

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Day 3 was road trip day. About 75 miles north of LV on US 93 sit the lakes. These lakes are on the Great Pacific Migratory Path. I saw tens of thousands of birds; perhaps a couple of dozen species. Pamphlets are available to help you identify some of the birds as well as info on the area. Located just south of the lakes is a dry lake. (Come on now, don't laugh. To an East Coaster. a dry lake is a big deal!) There is an access road which runs between US 93 and the dry lake. To get on the access road, make a left turn off US 93 at the first stop sign you see after you've spotted the dry lake. You'll go down a short steep incline, turn left and keep an eye out for the lake which will now be on your right. A three-strand barbed wire fence runs between the access road and the dry lake, but it's to keep animals from venturing onto US 93, not to keep humans from venturing onto the dry lake.


After a couple of hours exploring, I headed back to town for another chapter of "Pig Out at the Buffet" and some arm exercises at the craps table. Must have fooled the dice because the original loss I experienced on Day 1 kept getting smaller and smaller!

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Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

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