Travels in the American Southwest

Day 1 1997-The Arrival

Day One - Monday. Arrived at 2:00 AM and couldn't wait to hit Binion's and beat up the dice. Apparently, the dice had heard that I was coming and they were ready for me. Ouch. I crawled (with my tail between my legs) up to the Plaza for their famous "Pound of Pig". At least something went right that morning! After a snooze, I set off in search of friendlier dice. Back to the Horseshoe, where the dice must not have recognized me 'cause they gave me some of my earlier "donations" back. Of course I remembered to toke the boys!

Made a glutton of myself at the Golden Nugget's lunch buffet. What a feed. Best of Downtown, IMHO..

That evening, I had arranged to meet Billhere at the Fiesta Sports Book. All seemed well to a sports moron like me. There was a big-screen TV and a bunch of folks whoopin' and hollerin'...but no Billhere. I got a couple of free beers with my admission and could have had all the hamburgers I wanted. I even won a dinner for two at the local Mexican Restaurant! But still no Billhere. Called him that evening and apologized for missing him. What should by now be obvious to our more astute newsgroup readers was later explained to me. Billhere _was_ at the Sports Book while I ended up at some Monday Night Football party. D'oh!

So ends Day 1.

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