Travels in the American Southwest
Clifford (also called Helena)
GPS - N38 08.214 W116 28.606
2 miles south of US6, 7 miles from SR375
Road factor/Accessibility - Barely usable two-tire path
~196 miles from Las Vegas

Named for James and Edward Clifford who found silver in the winter of 1905. They quickly sold their claim for a substantial $250,000 and were replaced by dozens of "leasers", eager to try their luck. I've read that Charles Schwab (yes, that one) had interests in some of the operations. Clifford grew to a modest size, boasting saloons, hotels, stores and post office branch. Clifford died a lingering death, beginning in 1908 and finishing decades later as starry-eyed leasers tried their luck...leaving broke and broken. Today the area is known as the Clifford Mines. The landscape is pockmarked with abandoned mining holes and there are ruins of a few buildings, skeletons of a couple of automobiles and rusted, long-empty food cans scattered about.

Clifford Mine  Clifford

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