Travels in the American Southwest
GPS - N36 49.109 W116 43.032
1/2 mile east of US95, 9 miles south of Beatty
Road Factor/Accessability - Rough one lane dirt road
~108 miles from Las Vegas

Carrara Originally a stop on the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad, it was marble (not gold or silver) that made Carrara famous. The town was laid out by the Carrara Marble Company and dedicated in 1913. Although it had only 100 residents, Carrara was the only town on record that had a working marble fountain in the town center, surrounded by a store, hotel, newspaper (the Carrara Obelisk), bank and Post Office branch. In testament to miners' ingenuity, a truly efficient, non-polluting energy source was used to bring the marble down from the hillside quarry. A train car at the bottom connected by a cable running over a pulley to one at the top allowed full loads to be slowly lowered as the empty car rose. A ruler-straight trackbed can be seen running up to the now silent mine in the hills. When the high quality marble became too occluded to be profitably mined, Carrarra's population slowly drifted away as production ended. Examples of Carrara's marble can be seen at the Beatty Museum in nearby Beatty. No marble buildings exist in Carrara today.


An excellent link to Carrara's history & photos: - Carrara

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