Alamo Update 12/21/98

Received a call from Alamo's customer service department this evening. I
had written them detailing my Las Vegas experience with them. (In short,
it was not a good experience.)

I figured that my letter would be tossed. Instead, the C.S. rep
apologized for the unfortunate problems (which was pretty much what I
expected from Alamo.) She complimented me on the humorous tone of my
letter to Alamo. Then she mentioned that I had been renting from them for
"a while" (true). I told her I'm sure I'd continue to rent from them in
the future.

She then threw me for the proverbial loop by saying that due to all the
problems, they would credit the rental and hope that I'd consider my many
past "good rental" experiences with Alamo.

Thanks Alamo. I'm glad to report the positive as well as the negative!