Van Gogh and Stedelijk Museums

Sunday - Since the lines for the Van Gogh museum were so long during the week and we didn't want to wait, we decided to visit on Sunday morning. It was a good call as there are no lines on a Sunday morning.

I was disappointed that some of my favorite works of the master were out on loan but a special exhibit displaying the drawings and sketches of Van Gogh made up for it. The simple charcoal outlines showed the evolution of Van Gogh's thought before committing his subjects to oil on canvas. One sketch of a young girl captivated me. She was a model at the art school, destined to remain forever young in a simple black and white sketch. Also included in the exhibit were records from Van Gogh's youth and his art school roster showing that even Masters began as mere students. Another exhibit at the museum had nothing to do with Van Gogh.

A photographic display entitled "America" took up an entire floor. Photos taken in the 1800's showed what was a young America. Photos of historic interest were intermixed with portraits of early Americans. The irony that I traveled to Europe to gain a further appreciation of America was not lost on me! Next stop was the Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam's Museum of Modern Art.

Typical modern art. On the second floor, we was treated to an exhibit entitled "Eye Infection" featuring American cartoonists including Robert Crumb, creator of Fritz the Cat. Only the few works of the masters including Monet, Van Gogh, and Gaugin on the main floor saved the visit to the Stedelijk from being a total disappointment.

Stopped at another small tavern, this one called the Vinck. Translated, it means 'The Finch' and was born some 65 years ago when 200 investors pooled their money and opened a local tavern. A list containing all 200 names is proudly posted on the wall. Today, the Vinck is owned by a descendant of one of the original investors.

Did some last day shopping, grabbing bags of tulip bulbs and more chocolate. Decided to visit Wynand Fockink one last time. Approached the bar and received a big smile and handshake from the owner, "Thank you for coming back."
"Thank you for putting up with us. Heaven and Hell, please and a bottle of Half & Half for a souvenir!" Had a relaxing dinner, afterwards doing some last minute packing.

Tomorrow our extended vacation would finally come to a close.

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