Homeward Bound. NOT!

Saturday -Decided to do the hotel's breakfast buffet. A wide selection of rolls and bread,  meat, cheese, and fruit along with the inevitable scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and Belgian Waffles. A large honeycomb caught my eye. The chef, making his rounds, explained that it was spread on rolls or bread. The wax of the comb added an interesting texture to my croissant.

Off to the airport with plenty of time to spare. After spending an hour and a half in line waiting to have our bags x-rayed, we neared the front of the line. A twenty something couple went ahead of us officially making M.S.O. and I the last in line. We're cutting it close but we should make it.  Bags go through Mr. X-ray machine and I hear, "Are you traveling together?" "Would you step this way, please." It was not a question. "Passports, please." Examine passport, examine me, Back to passport, back too me. Very thorough. "What electronics do you have in the bag?" I think quickly. "Camera, flash, speed winder, G.P.S." "G.P.S.? Where did you get it? Why do you have it?" Decided that a humorous quip about my buddy Achmed giving it to me would probably not be well received. Instead, I explained that I purchased it in the States and explained the joys of  geocaching. More questions as the clock continued ticking. Finally, we clear security and rush to the ticket agent.

 "Security close, sir."
 "Huh?" was all I could say.
"Security has been tightened so we close early. We're overbooked, too."
M.S.O. steps back as agent and I do the Gate Agent - Traveler Tango.
"What flight can you get us on?"
"Route you through London with a four hour layover."
"Ugh, anything else."
"No, Delta is full. KLM just left."
"How about tomorrow?" I asked.
"Full up."
"Yes, that's available."
"Great. Would you book us on that, please. Now about our involuntary denial of boarding."
"Ooh, we didn't charge you a fee for delaying your departure two days."
I cocked my head and arched an eyebrow. "I was thinking more along the lines of  some compensation tickets."
"Let me call my supervisor. {pause} How about an upgrade to Business Class, sir?"
This strikes long legged M.S.O. as a great idea so with new tickets in hand, we look for a telephone. Called the Renaissance hotel. "Of course we remember you," said the desk clerk. "Bumped from your flight? That's terrible. Of course we have a room for you."

We took the shuttle back into town, checked back in to the hotel and to celebrate our extra vacation time, headed off to to Wynand Fockink for more liqueur sampling. (Told you it had become one of our favorite spots!) Our appetites whetted, we decided to dine at the N.Y. Steakhouse. I still remembered fondly the T-bone I had there last year, but it was doomed to remain a pleasant memory. By law, no "bone in" beef can be served in the Netherlands. Settled for a melt-in-your-mouth filet instead.

A tram ride back to the hotel, quick e-mails to folks back in the states explaining our "predicament" and we settled in to plan what to do on our (again) last full day in Amsterdam.

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