Heading to Home & Reality

Monday - Learning from Saturday's experience, we caught an earlier shuttle to the airport. On reflection, I'm not sure why we did! We had Business Class tickets allowing us preferential check in. No long wait in the security line with all the coach passengers.

We walked to the empty Business/First class line and were immediately escorted to the x-ray machine where we  quickly passed muster. No repeat of Saturday's experience; No explaining why I had a G.P.S. device in my baggage.

A smiling United Airlines ticket agent invited us to the lounge where we snacked on finger sandwiches while enjoying the complimentary bar and soft drinks. Boarded our flight and got ourselves seated, M.S.O. stretching out to her full length. Her feet barely reached the bulkhead so I knew she'd enjoy this flight!

The flight itself was uneventful and the flight attendants kept us plied with food and drink. Landed on time in the good old U.S. of A., smiling as I saw the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's beagle checking for meat or meat products. Had to explain why I was bringing in a jar of honey. "Any honeycomb in it?" asked the uniformed guard. "Nope. Store bought, fully pasturized." (And I still don't understand why people spread honeycomb on their breakfast rolls. Do they really like the wax?) "Been out on any farms?" "Only been in cities." I was quickly waved through and upon entering the airport concourse gritted my teeth as I saw National Guardsmen lugging M-16s through the airport. The realities of life returned like a bad dream. In the coming decades, I can see myself telling my sibling's kids "Yes, children, I remember before they even had metal detectors, x-ray machines, psychological profiles, retinal scans and DNA samples at airports. Sometimes, they wouldn't even check my ticket - just count passengers and if the count was right, off we'd go!"

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