CmdrMark Greets the Euro

It was an exciting time to be in Europe. Most Significant Other and I arrived in Amsterdam on the last Friday of 2001, taking the day to get acclimated to the new time zone and constantly changing weather. Rain, wind, clouds, sun; All within minutes. We knew that snow was a really possibility, too.

I was surprised at the little things I'd forgotten. Beer served in an orange juice sized glass...with a one inch head! Beef is served in 150, 200 or 300 gram sizes, which meant six to twelve ounce steaks. Only cold water faucets in the WC. The cute fly in the men's room!

Met with a couple of correspondents who helped us out tremendously both before the trip and once we arrived by providing a "What's Happening in Amsterdam?" magazine. Thanks Puffin & Mya!

The Arrival (Saturday) Sauna & Tasting House (Thursday)
Road Trip (Sunday - 3 Countries) Water & Diamonds (Friday)
New Year's Eve (Prep & Celebration) Homeward Bound. NOT!
New Year's Day (Tuesday) Van Gogh & Stedelijk (Sunday)
Rijksmuseum (Wednesday) Homeward Bound. For Real!

 Epilog & Tips

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