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Epilogue: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

It ain't a trip report without the numbers. Or photos, either!
Photos are now included in the trip report (click on links), numbers follow:

Burning Man:
30,586 people vs 29,000+ in 2002, up almost 5%. Terry Reed, BLM field manager in Winnemucca notes that during the week, Black Rock City was the 10th largest city in Nevada.

BLM issued 177 citations, down 25% from 2002 of these:
102 drug-related citations vs. 136 in 2002,  25 percent. 52 citations were given this year for violation of closure order (approaching the Burning Man site from any direction other than the main gate)

Pershing County sheriff’s office made five arrests, same as last year (three for sex acts in public, one for trespass and one for failure to appear on a warrant from the Nevada Highway Patrol.) and nine citations (Three of the citations related to possession or use of unlawful drugs or drug paraphernalia, one for simple battery, one for destruction of private property, one for unlawful trespass, and three for fireworks violations) vs. four citations given in 2002.

BLM officials noted five people were injured in two small plane crashes and one woman was killed in an accident involving an “art car”. These plane accidents and fatality occurred between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. As expected, these accidents cast a pall over the burning of the Man on Saturday night. A larger than normal percentage of the population left early this year, in part because of the well publicized accidents and the wind causing white-out dust conditions which were even worse than in 2002.

Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) reported medical cases were up nearly 50 percent; 2,011. vs 1288; 577, were for dehydration, sunburn, cracked skin and blisters. The second most common problem was cuts and scrapes, about 404. Next came about 220 extremity injuries involving bruising or muscle strain. Due to the isolated location of the Burning Man festival, REMSA suggested that some medical cases return for follow-up evaluation after initial treatment. There were 253 follow-up calls for service. 50 individuals were transported to Reno for additional medical care, 22 by helicopter. Five of those airlifted were involved in the two minor plane crashes at the festival’s temporary airstrip
Drug/alcohol related treatments numbered 50, up from 32 reported last year.

Last year Burning Man LLC paid the BLM a total of $572,000; this year, approximately $600,000 based on $4 per head per day will be paid.

The Grand Canyon:
5,000,000 - Number of people who visit the Grand Canyon each year. (90% of them go to the South Rim)

250 - The average number of people rescued from the Grand Canyon annually.  "A surprising majority of victims rescued from Grand Canyon are young, healthy males between the ages of 18 and 40 attempting to hike to the river and back in one day." - NPS Hike Smart pamphlet.

11 miles - The distance from our North Rim camp to our South Rim camp as the crow flies.
249 miles - Over-the-road distance we had to travel to go between our North & South Rim campsites, with side trip to see the dinosaur tracks.

The Great Unconformity:
7.74 miles - The distance from Fremont & Casino Center Blvd. to Frenchman Mountain where 1.7 billion year old Precambrian schist and granite lies next to 1/2 billion year old Cambrian sandstone. The 1.2 billion year gap between the two types of rock is known as the Great Unconformity. This is analogous to having chapter one of a book followed by chapter eight - chapters two through seven are simply missing. It is unfortunate that there are those individuals whose personal beliefs conflict with the geology seen at this site. Interpretive signs have been vandalized, perhaps in hopes of denying others the opportunity to learn of Southern Nevada's geological history. Some of the vandals have expressed themselves by pasting religiously oriented stickers to the interpretive signs while others have been content to smash the signs with rocks. Perhaps they think that by destroying the signs, they can destroy the phenomena which the signs explain. They are wrong. (Photos)

Fremont Street:
It seemed to me that the crowds visiting downtown are getting sparser and sparser. I don't recall the FSE being so empty in the afternoon and I remember night-time crowds being so thick that you couldn't walk from the Golden Nugget to Binion's Horseshoe during the Fremont Street Experience light and sound show. When there this time, I could walk directly from one casino to the other without weaving around visitors looking at the show above.

On a personal note:
Digital photos taken during our 24 day odyssey - 698.

The 29' RV
2,531.1        Miles driven
293.921       Gallons of gas
8.6               Average MPG

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