Travels in the American Southwest

Bryce Canyon

Monday, 9/1  - Labor Day

Up before dawn, MSO and I wanted to see the sun rise at Sunrise Point. I was very glad we'd addressed the hanging soil pipe problem the night before! That was one problem I really didn't want to face (or smell) first thing in the morning!

The Bryce sunrise at Sunrise Point was on the disappointing side as low hanging clouds obscured the rays, but we were lucky with other pictures. We continued south to Inspiration Point. This area gives a slightly different perspective of the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon. A tall pine on the right-hand side of the trail climbing to the Point caught my attention. It was as if a giant had struck the Ponderosa Pine with a hatchet along the axis a number of times. Chunks of wood resembling 4x4s littered the ground. I knew the tree had been struck by lightning, perhaps only hours before. Continuing on, we ended at Bryce Point. This viewing area allows you northward views of the canyon. The sun played hide and seek with the clouds and we could see sheets of rain falling in the distance. Deciding to take advantage of the so-so weather, we headed off to do some five loads of laundry. After more than two weeks on the road, clean cloths were becoming scarce. MSO and I discussed an appropriate thank you gift for our Good Samaritan neighbor. Picked up a bread pan, filled it with fresh fruit and goodies. MSO tied a large ribbon around it and when the neighbor wandered over to see how we'd made out, we presented our gift. He was quite taken aback. "I didn't do anything to deserve this, really", he protested. "Sir, you saved us massive amounts of grief had the pipe caught a wayward rock and ripped loose from the holding tank," I responded. "Well," he mused. "I certainly didn't expect this," he said as he looked at the gift saying, "I only mentioned the pipe to you because I'd want someone to do the same for me. I've had people offer me money when I've stopped to help change their flat tire or something but I always refuse telling them that I'd want someone to do the same thing if my wife were in that situation." I chuckled. "Yeah, I do the same thing but tell them that instead of giving me money, do someone else a favor. That'd be sufficient reward." Our neighbor smiled knowing exactly what I meant.

Dinner Monday night was at the Bryce Canyon Lodge. While a nice lodge, it didn't have the majesty of other national park lodges we'd visited. The dining room could have been anywhere, nothing at all special about it. The food selection was limited but the food served and the service was quite good. I had the Queen Victoria pork chop with chipolte butter while MSO ventured into the vegetarian fare. She had 'Asparagus in Ambush'. It was a tomato basil tortilla containing asparagus, zucchini, Monterey Jack cheese, covered in a alfredo sauce. It was interesting! Fully sated, we headed back to our campsite. Built another fire and while listening to the dry wood snap and pop, over comes our neighbor. "My wife made a peach cobbler and we have so much left over, we were wondering if you'd care for some?" What a nice guy and the cobbler was delicious!

Our neighbor bid us a good night as he and the wife were heading back to Salt Lake City early the next morning. And with that, MSO and I called it a night knowing that tomorrow would bring us through Kanab, AZ "Hollywood of the Desert" and finally to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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