Travels in the American Southwest


It's not a Trip Report without the numbers, and boy do we got the numbers:

Regarding Goldfield's 100th Anniversary:
Number of Lt. Governors at celebration - one, Lorraine T. Hunt
Number of Wyatt Earp's grandchildren - one -  (8/25/2002)
Number of Wyatt Earp's grandchildren - zero - (8/31/2002)

Regarding Belmont, Nevada:
Rates have gone up at the Monitor Inn since last year's visit. It's now $110 for a couple and dinners are an additional $20 per person.

Regarding Burning Man:
"BLM rangers issued a total of 239 citations, 136 for drug related offenses, 59 for violations of closure orders, and the remainder for miscellaneous violations. All numbers were up from last year. The Pershing County Sheriff's office dealt with more situations and handled more paperwork, but issued only four citations, fewer than last year. The Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) handled 1288 patient visits from August 22nd through September 1st, an increase of about 25% from last year. The majority of patient problems, dehydration, sunburn, cracked skin, blisters, and eye problems, were caused by heat, dryness and dust. Second most common were soft tissue injuries including cuts and scrapes. Third were extremity traumas usually involving bruising or muscle strains. There were also 22 drug related and 10 alcohol related treatments, about the same numbers as last year. Twenty-four patients with head injuries and broken bones were transported to Reno for additional medical care, eight of them by air." "In accordance with national BLM regulations, BLM charges the Burning Man organization $4 per person per day for the seven-day event. This year Burning Man will pay BLM a total of $572,000, a figure closely matching BLM's costs to permit and administer the event."- per BLM website Total attendance was 29,000+, the festival's highest attendance to date.

Regarding Virginia City:
The Labor Day weekend was Twin Weekend this year. In an effort to boost tourism, Virginia City had its first Twin Days featuring twins from around the country parading down Main Street, grouped by state. MSO and I cheered as our favorite states went by...Heck, truth be told, we cheered loudly for all the states as they went by. We were asked, "Are you from...?" by the twins as we cheered their passing. "No," we admitted. "We've just always like the state and felt you deserved a cheer!", earning us a smile and wave as the next state approached.

Regarding Yosemite:
Visitors to Yosemite are down 1,000,000 between 9/12/01 and 9/11/02. Previously, the average annual attendance is 4,000,000. It wasn't my imagination, the roads really were empty this year. Wanted to mention the other wildlife we saw at Yosemite. It was after the bear scare and we'd finished dinner. I was tending the fire while MSO did dishes. I see a shadow slink towards the wide open camper door. I react by yelling, "Shut the camper door!" MSO reacts with "What?" Shadow reacts by scampering up a tree. OK, it's much too small to be a bear, but it seemed a lot bigger only moments before. In the firelight, I saw we'd treed a raccoon.

Regarding the RV:
Wasn't until long after it was returned, when I was going over paperwork that I realized the RV wasn't 27 feet long...It was 29!

Total RV Miles - 1,963.7
Gallons of Gas - 253.119
MPG - 7.75
Flats - 0
Our Vacation - priceless

And finally, the webmaster has cleared up some vagueness in part 1 of the trip report

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